Here at React, we want you to be able to get back into your home or get your business back running as soon as possible hassle free, we’ll take care of it all for you.
Once our trained and qualified technicians arrive at your property they will undertake a damage assessment to identify any damages and susceptible materials. They’ll also compile an initial report to send to your insurance company.

Water damage

Whether from a burst pipe, overflowing sink, sewage back-up or flooding you need to have competent restorers who will take control of the claim and ensure there is no unnecessary further damage. We have an extensive fleet of drying equipment including specialist heat drying systems and high-pressure desiccant dryers. Our technicians are qualified in the ‘science behind the drying’ and will make sure the most effective drying approach is used on your property. We have the knowledge and equipment to deal with all drying challenges.

Flood contamination

In addition to drying following flooding, we will assist you with cleaning and sanitise your property to ensure it is safe for habitation.

Smoke damage

We have successfully restored soot contamination from countless different types of properties; homes, churches, restaurants, apartments, schools, shops, social clubs, offices, warehouses, farms, universities, pubs… the list goes on. You can have peace of mind that we have the experience to get your property, whatever its size or shape, back to how it was before the incident.


We use a number of different technologies such as ozone treatment and dry fog deodorising to resolve the odour issues normally associated with fire and water damage. We employ these same technologies to help clients with other odour problems such as pest infestations, heating oil fumes and trauma scenes.


Our technicians will deal with assessing, cleaning, deodorising, packing and removals of your belongings.

Oil spill clean-up and remediation

This specialist service is required when you experience a heating oil spill or leak at your property. We will carry out an environmental survey and draw up a remediation programme to remove the contamination.

Speak to us directly for more information on the restoration services we offer.

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