After 63% of August’s average rainfall fell within nine hours there was devastation across many areas in the North West of the province.

Roads and bridges crumbled, cars were washed away and homes and businesses were destroyed in the storm.

News reports shortly after reported that Firefighters rescued nearly 100 people who were trapped by flood water in their cars or homes. At one point, the fire service got an emergency call every 45 seconds. The coastguard rescued more than 30 people, with helicopters brought in from Scotland, Wales and Sligo.

Northern Ireland roads Flooded React Ireland Limited 24 Hr emergency response

The clean-up operation was huge and React was a major player in that clean-up. We worked with insurers, adjusters and brokers to assist many home owners across counties Tyrone and Londonderry.

Our expertise in flood response and recovery enabled us to help with the recovery of many different types of businesses and charities including among others a local pub, a Fast food business, Restaurant, large high school, a number of community halls, a vet clinic and farms.

Northern Ireland Floods Houses flooded and homeowners homeless React Ireland Limited 24 Hr Emergency Response

We have one of the greatest capacities in our industry to deal with these surge events and our team are veterans of the major flood incidents of this century. Contact us to discuss how we can help you to cost effectively deal with your surge event claims.