Flooding causes damage to the infrastructure that is needed to keep a city running.

During recent major floods vital water pumping stations were completely inundated resulting in major disruption to the water supply to tens of thousands of people.

React was engaged by a valued partner to assist them in the recovery of two of these pumping stations. One station was integral to the supply of clean water to the City of Derry and so we were required to mobilise quickly and effectively.

Pumping stations flooded React Ireland Limited 24Hr Emergency Response

We were tasked to remove flood water sediment then clean and sanitise the properties. High voltage switchgear had to be painstakingly decontaminated to allow specialist engineers to re-commission the equipment and get the pumps back up and running.

Infrastructure Switchgear React Ireland 24 Hr Emergency Response

These two projects were a great example of React’s professional and competent abilities. We have the teams and equipment in place to respond to your emergencies. Contact us to discuss how we can be part of your business recovery planning.